Keeping Your Data Safe Online

Digital and online technologies are wonderful for making our lives simpler. However, they aren’t without risks. The number of data breaches continues to increase and ensuring that personal information is secure online is a major concern for individuals as well as businesses. The best way to protect your data is to keep them as private as you can.

Ideally only those who require the information for work should have access to your information. Keep copies of your data in case they are corrupted or lost. You should backup regularly your data and keep it somewhere other than the place you work. This reduces the chance of losing important information in the case of an emergency.

A second important tip is to only share the information you need. Don’t send all the files in the event that, for instance someone has to look at three documents from your company. The more access you grant them increases the likelihood that more of your information will fall into the wrong hands in the event of an incident of data leak or breach. Use devices that prevent unauthorised editing. For instance when you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet There are programs that will prevent any changes to the spreadsheet’s numbers that could cause malicious or accidental changes and ensure that the figures remain precise.

It is important to keep your software updated and be aware of the security settings on your devices. If you’re taking part in virtual conferences, be sure to check in-depth analysis of SmartRoom VDR the settings for screen sharing. This may reveal all your open tabs and documents.

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