What is Cloud Gaming?

Video games have become increasingly complex both in terms of graphics and mechanics to the point that they require better specifications for computers to run correctly. This means that you won’t be in a position to play games from 2021 on a PC purchased in the year 2000 unless you make significant upgrades to its components. Cloud gaming is a technology that allows you to play video games on any device provided you have a reliable internet connection.

Cloud gaming servers handle the processing of video games, not the hardware on your device. They do this by sending you compressed frames in response to input. The cloud-based server detects your input when you press the key. It then sends a new frame to you in response. It’s a simple idea however it takes a lot of bandwidth to send those videos in real-time. This has been a major obstacle to cloud gaming, however recent advancements in cell networks and edge computing have enabled it to take off.

This means that services like Stadia Bonuses best vr games 2021 and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now can stream games at near-native quality to devices with various levels of power. They’re also designed to avoid the huge downloads and setup process of installing a game onto your own hardware, which is especially important for people with variable network conditions. But there are still a number of barriers to be over before cloud gaming is able to be truly successful and be successful, such as issues with latency and bandwidth.

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